• Welcome to an Oasis of Nature, Golf and Social Life

      The golf course of Golf & Country Club Zagreb has been constructed on a site where nature had previously been devastated, in the vicinity of the Sava River. The location, within reach of the center of Zagreb, allows simple and fast access to this place of cultivated nature, social life, sports and  recreation. This is a place for sports activities but it also offers the opportunity to establish valuable contacts. The country club atmosphere is ideal for socializing with friends, colleagues or partners, and for maintaining contacts through various cultural, entertaining and informative events.

      At Golf & Country Club Zagreb, we actively practice environmental protection according to the premise of sustainable development. In addition to our ongoing concern for the environment, we are introducing concrete ecological programs such as the Center for the Reintroduction of Birds that contributes to the overall value of this area. The idea for the project is to establish a center dedicated to the resettling of birds in an area where they formerly lived, with the construction of a lake, ponds and shelters where the birds can settle, in cooperation with the Croatian Ornithological Association and the Bureau of Ornithology of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences. Moreover, we are working with the hunting association Sokol Stupnik in order to protect the health of the wild animals that have settled in this general region.

      It is our wish for your day at the Golf & Country Club Zagreb to be spent in a pleasant atmosphere of sports, socializing and relaxation, filled with satisfaction, our services and the contents offered.

      The Mission and Vision of the Golf & Country Club Zagreb

      Our mission is to popularize and promote golf in Croatia, not only as recreation but as a genuine competitive sport. We want to create a pleasant atmosphere in an oasis of nature, socializing, sports and active recreation connected with golf. To members, guests and business partners, we offer satisfaction, safety and a positive atmosphere with constant efforts to recognize their desires so that we can constantly improve.